Welcome to our new home
Posted by WhiteSamurai on 26 Nov : 05:57 in Misc
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Welcome to our new home. I have to thank Ken for helping me get this done by being genuinely awesome. Now that this is done and complete, you can carry on as normal as though nothing happened, just remember that we now have a red front door not a blue one so don't go back to the old address....

I'm going to be (slowly) learning how this all works so be gentle with me and after a short period, we'll get things moving again and try to get WF moving in the right direction (considering I have no sense of direction, this could be a mystery tour).

As NuZion has stated in one of his newer posts, I'm now the 'go to' man for site stuff (I'll probably then ask Ken how to do it! LOL)

Seriously, welcome to the new den and keep the flames of the Watchfire burning brightly, no matter which universe we're patrolling.

White Samurai
'With great power comes some seriously kick arse moves'
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